ID06 Kompetensdatabas

Now you can integrate EduAdmin with ID06 Kompetensdatabas and automate  the skill management.
EduAdmin is directly linked to the ID06 API and is available to you as an accredited ID06 training company.

Om ID06 Kompetensdatabas

In order to facilitate for companies and their employees to handle training certificates - while increasing safety at our workplaces - ID06 AB has developed ID06 Kompetensdatabas.

With ID06 Kompetensdatabas, you can collect training certificates and permissions in one place and display them with the ID06 card and ID06 system at the workplace.

This will make it easier for the site manager to check that the individual has the right and valid competence for the work to be performed and it will also be easier for the individual who does not need to have a large number of physical certificates to the workplace.

The diplomas are registered by accredited education Companies.

Så här fungerar integrationen

  • Register courses that provide ID06 skills directly in your EduAdmin
  • Create certifications in EduAdmin for ID06 competencies and link your courses to them
  • Fully automatic transfer of course participants' skills to ID06


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