With the complete integration you can now create a digital course catalog and booking pages on your WordPress website.

An excellent solution to quickly get your education e-commerce to lift.
The solution automatically collects your courses from EduAdmin and manages the entire booking process on your website.

Om EduAdmin for Wordpress

The integration into WordPress is released as open source, unlike our web services, which means, for example. You or your web agency can add functionality to improve your online booking.

In order for the project to be future-proof, are we at MultiNet leading the project and releasing ongoing updates with improvements and new features.

You simply add the plugin directly into WordPress under “add-on”> “add” or download it from WordPress.org.

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Så här fungerar integrationen

Enhanced experience for your site visitors

You update all information about your courses in EduAdmin

Your programs are automatically indexed by, for example. Google

-You get a fully integrated solution without having to program against the EduAdmins API

Your web booking continuously developed when EduAdmin release new versions



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