For those using Maconomy, it can simplify your work by transferring verification generated by your Lega Online system.

Om Maconomy

Maconomy is a project-based ERP solution, designed specifically for the specific needs of project companies. 93% of Deltek's customers achieve a positive ROI on their investment in Deltek's solutions. Here are the reasons:

It can be both time consuming and difficult to get an overview of the previous year's commitments and break them into relevant categories - unless you do not have a solution that gives you access to the information in just a few clicks. You can also schedule your job for the coming month, quarter, or year through automatic integration with the rest of your workflow.

By capturing and billing an extra hour per month (worth $ 1,000 per hour), a company with 100 employees can earn 1.2 million more per year.

Så här fungerar integrationen

In Lega Online, you can create standardized files for transferring authentications that you easily read in Maconomy.



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