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Smart "lead-surveys" that generate business opportunities

In Prospector you can easily and quickly create nice and customized surveys that appear directly on your website. A brilliant way to convert visitors to business oppurtunitys.

Your recipients' interest notifications and responses are automatically sent to you. And of course, you can always export all responses to a report.

Convert your website visitors to new clients

Idag vet du troligen inte vem som besöker din webbplats, inte hur de hittade dit och än mindre vilka produkter som intresserade besökarna. Kundgenerator vet allt.

För du har väl inte lagt ner massor av tid, och tusentals kronor för att bygga en bra hemsida för att sedan bara strunta i vilka som besöker den?

Tag tag i besökarna! Alla, som någon gång arbetat med försäljning, vet hur många potentiella kunder man måste kontakta innan man hittar en som leder till affär.



Turn your visitors to clients

New visitors 83%

Search engines 67%

Leads 55%

Survey responses 39%

Finally, you get all the features you need!

Track your visitors. Powerful surveys. Statistics and follow-up. SaaS-solution.

Duration of visit

You see how many minutes they've been on your webpage and can easy identify your visitors interest.

How did your visitor find you?

You'll see how your visitors found to your page. Rewarding if, for example, you plan to advertise on the web.

Interest and lead qualification

Categorize and follow up what section the visitors like most and let Prospector qualify leads for you.

Våra Customer Success Managers hjälper dig med dina webbtjänster och ger dig support i världsklass

Support i världsklass, så du kan jobba med ett leende på läpparna

Once you get going, it's usually very straightforward. But in case any problems or questions arise, we'll be right here if you need our help. Our support staff is available through the support system inside Prospector, through phone, or by e-mail. You decide what's best for you.

Users also have access to our knowledge base, filled with articles and useful information. Don't hesitate to send us a message!

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