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Njut av ledigheten med en digital semesterlista

All your planning in a digital vacation planner

With Semesterlistan you easily create an account, send your colleagues a hint and ask them to fill in their vacation plans.

You get a bird's-eye view of when your personnel is on duty and when they're away for summer, easter, christmas or any other holiday.

Be the leading force your in your company, and start using Semesterlistan.

It's easy to upgrade to the Premium version - only 8 SEK/user/month with no setup fee

Semesterlistan Premium gives you access to additional features such as setting up your own holidays, your own period types and reminders to apply for vacation.

Premium users also have access to additional, timesaving information exports.

The price for Premium is just 8 SEK per user and month. 

I din semesterlista så får du en komplett bild av ledighetsperioderna. Exportera sedan enkelt din semesterlista till andra system.

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Finally, a digital vacation planner with the functions you need!

Spoil yourself, get Semesterlistan and enjoy a simple vacation planner that lets you focus on work - or being on holiday.

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Available anywhere, from home, abroad, at work or on vacation.


Clear views over temp workers, on call and vacation

Clear views

You get a clear view of when your personnel is on site or on vacation.

Key holders

Make sure you always have someone available to secure and alarm the premises with a clear view of all key personnel.

Temp workers

You can register temp workers with clear markings, so you know when and where they should be on site.


Reminders to fill in their vacation requests, and the ability to add custom periods!


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