With EditNews you can create beatiful newsletters with just a few clicks

Finally it's easy to create and send newsletters!

Now you know exactly what your customer like in your newsletter

With the insights from EditNews you can make correct decisions for future campaigns while at the same time you see your investment is paying off. EditNews shows opening frequency, clicked links, where the letter has been opened in, mobile or desktop etc. You can even create and track goals on your website, e.g. purchases or if the customer has bought your product sheet.


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Get started with pre-designed templates or create your own

We have designed beautiful templates that you helps get started with your email marketing journey . Once your'e up and running, you can easily customize and refine your campaigns just the way you want them.

  • Simple to create beautiful letters without being skilled in design
  • Newsletters that looks great in desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Powerful tools to create your own design

Quick facts for decision makers

This is how your new newsletter tool works


The 10 most common features

Your newsletters will look great on desktop, tablet and mobile.
It's easy and fun creating newsletters with EditNews using the drag-and-drop email builder
Edit all content directly in your "live newsletter" - it can't be any easier
You choose whether to save images in EditNews for future letters or only for the newsletter you are currently working on.
Simple and powerful statistics for decision makers. Amounts of charts and views showing key key figures.
With subscription forms and different mailing lists, you will keep an eye on all who have signed up for your newsletter.
With segmentation and dynamic content features, you can tailor the content to the recipient's interests and geographic location.
EditNews automatically keeps track of unsubscribes and bounces. For example. when a recipient has stopped or if the recipient's domain no longer receives email.
In EditNews you can be several editors working with different publications at the same time.
For developers, you can use the service's API to integrate with other applications.

Operation & Security

Safe management of your data

Operations in one of Sweden's most modern data centers
Duplicated power, battery backup and diesel backup generator
Dual independent fiber connections via the Swedish backbone
Passive cooling system that is gentle to the environment
Double offsitebackup is taken every night to two different locations
Monitoring of connection attempts and activity
Encrypted connection with SSL AES-256

Support & Updates

World class support and free updates

Customer-oriented support
Error reporting 24/7 via our case management system
You always have access to the latest version
Customized and open courses

System Requirements

Platform-independent web service

Genuine web service. Platform independent.
Minimum 5 Mbit / s, broadband is recommended
Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome. The latest version is recommended