Today, we have over 20 years of experience at MultiNet and offer amazing web services that help businesses become more profitable. Some of our services are all suitable, and others are more adapted for example. educational activities and reservation of conference rooms. Whatever business, it's common: simplicity, power and world-class service.

Solutions that makes you more efficient


Contract Management

Now you finally get your money on your contracts so you can focus on the important thing - Your business.


E-mail Marketing

Create beautiful newsletters that your customers can not resist - powerful and affordable.


Course Management

Put your courses on autopilot! From booking on your site to automatic invoices.


Booking System

Web-based booking system that makes your conference facility and course efficient!


Absence list

Give your colleagues a wink and ask them to submit their absence requests digitally - in AbsenceList.


Generate Leads

Let your website generate new leads and customers - with the web service Kundgenerator.

Take advantage of the revolution within the Internet

MultiNet's genuine web services help you save time, money and become more efficient

We help you to focus

We take care of development, implementation and support.

20 years of experience

We usually say we were a bit before our time. You have great benefit from our experience.

Market leader

We are market leaders in several of our areas and continue to grow.

World class customer care

We are there for you when you need help

 In the Loop!

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