We create web services that empower your business

Our belief: Web services for the future

We are a passionate team that create simple and powerful web services, and our mission is to help businesses become more effective. The services we create solve complex problems, in a beautiful and straightforward way.



In the beginning

In the beginning, MultiNet sold full-scale system solutions.
Around the year 2000 it was clear: the Internet was here to stay, and with it came endless possibilities. It is what inspired us to start developing web services.

We quickly realized we were a bit ahead of our time, and soon we were fighting our way forward against slow Internet connections and conservative IT-departments. We started picking up speed.

Today we're the obvious choice for any and all organisations that want to streamline and, most of all, focus on developing their business! 

Our journey

Our business is heavily dependent on the people that work here. As such we have made it our goal to always strive to grow and develop as people, and to learn something new everyday. We're quick to adapt new technology into our services, and we're always on the forefront of innovation. Above all, we have great fun on our trip!


Are you the One we seek? We're hiring!

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MultiNet Interactive AB

MultiNet is a privately owned company with offices, development, support and hosting in Stockholm. Roughly 30 employees are hard at work developing the next generation of web services in our office, located in the Klarabergs-building opposite of Stockholm Central Station.