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Lega Online™, a service to grow with

Lega Online, a booking systemet for your conference center, venue or your meeting rooms.
It's a true web service and all of our customers automatically get access to the latest version with new smart features.

You'll finally get total controll of your customers, bookings, confirmations och invoices.
Your janitors and kitchen personell will get all the information they need using easily available reports.

Easy invoicing and smart integrations with your financial system

When you create a booking with Lega Online you automatically get invoicing data. The Customer, prices and VAT percentage and discounts etc. will be included, making it extremly easy to create you invoice using Lega Online.

To minimize the risk of manual misstakes and save time we've integrated Lega Online with popular financial systems. There's also a couple of custom solutions using our API.


Percent of bookings made online

Meeting room 2 40%

Conference room 30%

Meeting room 1 20%

Meeting room 3 10%

Make smart desicions and make your booking system more effective

Using a couple of clicks you'll get informative graphs and lists showing how your bookings och revenues are divided, aswell as who your biggest customers are. Your statistics will make it easy to make smart and well informed decision that will lead to greater revenue. While they're simple enough to show live during eg. a meeting with your board of directors.

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Become more profitable with Lega Online™ booking system

Every feature you'll need to get total control of your booking situation

Lega Online is a complete enterprise resource planning system for venues and conference centers

Complete overview

Everything about your bookings in one place

Book using a calendar

Make easy bookings using the calendar views

Easy invoiceing

Effective integrations with your financial system

Tasks / Todos

You'll never forget doing important tasks


Helps you make smart decisions.

Safe Swedish web service

High quality encryption, operated in Sweden

Våra Customer Success Managers hjälper dig med dina webbtjänster och ger dig support i världsklass

World class support, so you can keep working with a smile

When we've helped you get started with the service the rest usually follows. But we're always here for you when you need us. Our support's available through our support system inside the services through phone or by email. You decide what suits you best this moment. As a user you've got access to to our knowledge center containing articles and information about how to use our web services. Don't hesitate to contact us, we'll help you solve your issue.

Your most valuable partner!

We'll use the revolution of the internet to help your business grow with smart and effective web services. Our ambition is to grow together with our fastest growing customers, this means that our services keep a high development pace and gives you a huge advantage.

Development and operations in Sweden

We beliv in Sweden! All of our services are developed and operated by us in Sweden.

The latest technologies

Our services are based on "State of the art"- technologies

20 years of experience

Sometimes we tell ourself that we were a bit before our time. You're gonna benifit from our experience.

Access 24/7 - Worldwide

Web service = freedom! Safe access any time, anywhere