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Take advantage of all your important contracts and get rid of unnecessary costs

Often, a lot of time and effort is spent negotiating important contracts for equipment, commitments, and rents. Unfortunately, there is often a lack of a consolidated overview, which results in money quietly disappearing from the bottom line each year. We have a solution for you! With MultiNet DealManager, you finally gain complete control of your contracts so you can focus on what's important, your business.

React in time with the help of reminders via email & SMS

Once your contract is registered, reminders are automatically sent to the right person via email and SMS, so you never miss the opportunity to terminate, extend, or renegotiate. The reminder module is powerful and easily adapted to your business. You can have the service escalate reminders so that they are sent to a manager or responsible person at the next level. Smart, simple, and powerful!


Your contracts

Contract distribution

Purchase agreements 40%

Leasing agreements 30%

License agreements 20%

Rental agreements 10%

Make smart decisions and streamline with the help of built-in statistics

With just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily generate clear diagrams and lists that show how contracts are distributed, what the cost picture looks like, and what commitments you have. Your statistics make it easy to make wise decisions that lead to lower costs. It is also so easy to use that you can display it live management meetings.

Electronic signing of contracts via Scrive directly in your contract management.

MultiNet DealManager is seamlessly integrated with the popular e-signing service Scrive. You can invite people to review, approve, and sign contracts electronically. As soon as the contract is signed, it is saved in your contract management system and easy to find. The contract is then monitored so you don't miss the opportunity to terminate, extend, or renegotiate it when the time comes!


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Increase your profitability with DealManager, the market-leading cloud service from MultiNet

All the features you need for effective contract management

Distribute responsibility and increase awareness. Categorize according to your preferences and identify which contracts are particularly important and which suppliers you have had for a long time and can renegotiate. Available 24/7 - worldwide.

Great overview

All your contracts in one place


Smart reminders via e-mail and SMS

Access control

Limit access to sensitive contracts

Powerful statistics

Helps you make good decisions

Scrive E-signing

Digital signing of contracts

Secure web service

Encryped and secured. Support for SSO, MFA and ip-allowlist

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