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Lift your training business to new hights with EduAdmin's smart features! Digital Course portal, MyEduAdmin™ Teacher portal, Streaming through Zoom, Digital Exams etc. 
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Your courses will reach new heights with EduAdmin™ course administration

EduAdmin is the Nordic region's most widely used course administration system for open and company-adapted courses. Over 10 years of software development is behind the success of digital administration of courses, in a simple and efficient way. You finally get full control over the management of your courses and trainings. With a fantastic overview, you now get all the handling in one place.

All the functions you need for your course administration

EduAdmin gathers all your course administration in one place - available 24/7, wherever you are.

Full overview

Everything about your educations in one place

Video meetings

Stream your events through Zoom, Teams etc.

Automatic Invoicing

Efficient with integrations to your financial system

Digital course portal

Read about and book courses online

Automatic messages

Send confirmations and reminders


Helps you make wise decisions

Teacher Portal

The future of digital course administration

Digital surveys

Gives you the right picture of the business

Digital Exams

Have your students complete self-correcting tests

Digital attendance & grading

Made easy with your Teacher Portal

Secure Swedish web service

High-grade encryption and operation in Sweden

Mobile certificates of competence

Automatically issued certificates of competence

You'll introduce new effective routines with EduAdmin™ course administration

EduAdmin manages the entire flow from booking to automatic invoicing. In EduAdmin, you'll create a digital course catalogue that becomes the heart of your course activities. From the course catalogue, you will be able to, for example, publish courses on your website, create course certificates or send confirmations to students. The very idea of EduAdmin is to streamline your business and you will quickly notice what a tremendous effect you get from EduAdmin.

Let your customers book thier training quickly and easily directly on your website!

With EduAdmin's course portal, you can easily publish your courses on your website. Your customers can easily find the training they want to attend and see which dates are scheduled and can book directly. The course portal supports both payment via invoice and card. Implementing the course portal is smooth and you or your web agency easily implement the course portal using JavaScript on your website. Using the course portal's "My Pages", your customers will be able to access diplomas, certificates and other documents you have shared from the course.

Create email and SMS campaigns that helps you get new bookings

EduAdmin is fully integrated with the web service EditNews, which allows you to easily create newsletters and invitations to your courses. In EduAdmin, you can easily choose the target group for your mailing based on your customer register and course participants. Maybe you want to inform about an advanced course to those who have already taken the basic course? A few simple keystrokes can create professional campaigns that lead to new bookings.
Färdiga mallar

Bookings through the website

Percentage of bookings from the web

Leadership 40%

Project management 30%

Market 20%

Sales 10%

You make smart decisions using the powerful statistics

With a few clicks, you get clear charts and lists that show which courses are doing best, how your revenue is distributed and which customers are buying the most. Your stats make it easy to make wise decisions that lead to higher revenue in the future. It is so easy to use, that you can view your EduAdmin statistics, directly during a management team meeting.


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