Clever and powerful features that help streamline your work

Let EduAdmin automate your time-demanding work tasks

A complete service for online booking of training and seminars

Digitalize your course administration with EduAdmin. Plenty of companies in the education business have already started, and have seen the amazing results - We are convinced that you'll experience the same positive changes, both administratively and economically.

  • Register all information about you courses in one place
  • Enable bookings through your web page, on desktop or through their phones
  • Let customers find you through Google - Integrate EduAdmin with your web page
Statistik EduAdmin

A fantastic overview

Find your customers information and previous bookings and see that you've been paid with ease, and create confirmations, invitations, lists of participants, course certificates, name badges and invoices with just a few clicks.

  • The entirety of your course administration, available in one easy-to-reach place
  • Create courses and bookings with just a few clicks
  • EduAdmin gives you the statistics to help make wise decisions

Quick facts for course administrators

This is how your new system for course administration works


The 10 most used features

Update everything regarding your courses in one system. Mirror the information to your web page and let your customers book directly online.
Automatic or manual tasks for important milestones before, during and after the courses. EduAdmin reminds you, making you work proactively.
EduAdmin sends automatic confirmations, invitations and reminders through e-mail and SMS, to participants, course leaders and others.
Find the right course leader and facility to your course, see if its available and let EduAdmin calculate the costs.
Once a booking is in EduAdmin, the invoice is ready to be sent. Save tons of time and effort by integrating EduAdmin with your financing system. It's easy to create an automated invoicing solution, from booking until the money is in your hands.
Get complete control over how your business is doing. Use our statistics to see what courses to invest more in, how the bookings are distributed over your customers and much, much more.
Connect certificates to a person after they've fulfilled the requirements, and let EduAdmin keep you up to date when the certificates expire!
Create one or more evaluation forms and connect them to your courses. Automatically invite your participants to fill them in after they've completed the course.
Let your course holders / lectures log in to their own interface, where they can see and print out a list of participants, and register attendance.
Use our REST API to integrate EduAdmin with other applications.

Operation & Security

Safe management of your data

Hosting in one of Sweden's most modern data centers
Dual power supplies, battery backup and diesel backup generator
Double, independent fiber connections via the Swedish backbone
Passive cooling system that is gentle to the environment
Double offsite backup is taken every night, to two different locations
Monitoring of connection attempts and activity
Encrypted connection with SSL AES-256

Support & Updates

We develop and we assure quality

World class service and support
Error reporting 24/7 through our support system
You always have access to the latest version
Customized and open courses

System requirements

Platform-independent web service

Genuine web service. Platform independent.
Minimum 5 Mbit/s, broadband is recommended
Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome. The latest version is recommended

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