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Use all your important contracts, and get rid of unwanted costs

A lot of time and effort is often invested to negotiate important agreements regarding equipment, commitments and rent. Unfortunately, there is no clear overview of the contracts, resulting in money disappearing silently each year. We have created the solution for that exact problem. You get an absolute, clear view on your contracts so that you can focus on what's important: your business. 

Make early decisions with the help of reminders by e-mail and SMS

The system automatically sends reminders to the right person through e-mail and SMS, so that you never miss terminating, extending or renewing your contracts. The reminders are easy to configure and are an invaluable tool to your business. The service helps you escalate any reminders to the boss or responsible on the next level, if required.
Clever, easy and powerful!


Your contracts

Contract distribution

Acquisitions 40%

Leasing 30%

Licenses 20%

Rental agreements 10%

Make smart decisions and let the statistics help you make more efficient choices

With just a few clicks you get clear and distinct diagrams and lists that help you see how your contracts are dispersed, what the costs are like, and what obligations you have. The statistics make tough decisions simple, leading to lower costs. It's simple to use, so you can show live statistics without a problem during meetings.

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Increase your profitability with the market leading cloud service Avtalshantering™ by MultiNet.

All the features you need for your contract management

Distribute the responsibilities and increase awareness. Categorize and identify those extra important contracts, or those that you could live without. Everything in one place, available 24/7 from anywhere you are.

Complete oversight

All your contracts in one place

Automatic reminders

Smart reminders through email and SMS


Limit access to certain contracts

Powerful statistics

Helps you make important decisions

Mobile version

Reach the contracts while on the field

Secure, Swedish service

High-grade encryption, hosted in Sweden

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World class support, so you can work with a smile on your face

Once you get going, it's usually very straightforward. But in case any problems or questions arise, we'll be right here if you need our help. Our support staff is available through the support system inside Avtalshantering, by phone or e-mail. You decide what's best for you.

Users also have access to our knowledge base, filled with articles and useful information. Don't hesitate to send us a message! 

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