All the features you need for complete contract management

Get in total control over your contract situation - You deserve it!

All your important contracts available at your fingertips, within seconds

With DealManager you can quickly and easily register, monitor and manage your agreements. You decide who will have access to the service and with which permissions.

Once your contract is registered in the service, it will automatically send reminders to the correct person via email and SMS, so you never miss an opportunity to cancel, renew or renegotiate.


A fantastic overview

You're greeted with a simple and customizable view of all your contracts as soon as you've logged in to your Avtalshantering contract management system. We've focused on the important parts: to quickly find and manage your contracts.

  • See all the import information, collected in one spot
  • Handle your contracts with just a few clicks
  • Your attachments are always close at hand, if need be

Quick facts for decision makers

This is how your new contract management system works


The 10 most common features

Find your contracts quickly using full-text search, filters and user defined searches.
Automatic reminders using email and SMS. Using templates you'll be able to manage when reminders are sent and who they're sent to.
Role based system, read/write/edit/remove. You'll be able to add and remove users as well as give them access to contracts at the right level.
Add your subsidiaries and departments.
Simple and powerful analytics designed to be used by decision-makers. Charts and views give you access to important key values.
Attachments uploaded in Avtalshantering gets indexed enabling you to find contracts by seaching for content in its attachments.
Integrate your reminders with Outlook or other calendars. Gives you a quick overview of contracts that need management in your calendar.
Get company information, credit ratings from Bisnode automatically. The system will notify you if any suppliers credit rating changes. (Only for Swedish companies)
Simplify and increase login security using Single Sign-On through SAML.
If you're a developer you can use the service's REST-based API to integrate Avtalshantering with other applications.

Operation & Safety

Your agreements are handled securely

Server hosting in one of Swedens most modern data centers
Redundant power, battery backup and diesel unit
Dual independent fiber connections over the backbone
Passive cooling through free cooling that is gentle on the environment
Double offsite backup is taken each night and is stored at two different sites
Connection attempt and activity monitoring
Encrypted connection with TLS1.2

Support & Updates

We develop and we quality assure

World-class service and support
24/7 error reporting through case management systems
You always have access to the latest version
Tailored and open training

System requirements

Cross-platform web service

Genuine web service. Cross-platform.
Minimum 5 Mbps, broadband recommended
Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge. Latest version recommended