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All the features you need for complete contract management

Take complete control over your contract situation - you deserve it!

All your important contracts available at your fingertips, within seconds

With DealManager you can quickly and easily register, monitor, and manage your agreements. You decide who will have access to the service and with which permissions.

Once your contract is registered in the service, DealManager will automatically send reminders to the correct person via email and SMS, so you never miss an opportunity to cancel, renew, or renegotiate a contract.

A fantastic overview

You're greeted with a simple and customizable view of all your contracts as soon as you've logged in to your DealManger contract management system. We've focused on the important parts: to quickly find and manage your contracts.

  • See all the import information, collected in one spot
  • Handle your contracts with just a few clicks
  • Your attachments are always close at hand, if need be


The 10 most important features

Powerful search engine with full-text search and OCR

Find your contracts quickly using full-text search, filters, and user-defined searches.

DealManagers automatically OCR scans all documents and shows the corresponding contract in the search results.

Automatic reminders

Automatic reminders using email and SMS. With templates, you'll be able to manage when reminders are sent and to whom.


Role-based system, read/write/edit/remove. You'll be able to add and remove users as well as give them access to contracts at the right level.

Company groups

Add your subsidiaries and departments.

Smart analytics

Simple and powerful analytics designed to be used by decision-makers. Charts and views give you access to important key values.


Integrate your reminders with Outlook or other calendars. Gives you a quick overview of contracts that require action in your calendar.

Dun & Bradstreet integration

Fetch company details from Dun & Bradstreet instead of filling them out manually and monitor credit ratings and warnings automatically. The contract management system keeps track of and notifies you of changes for companies with which you have contracts.

Single sign-on

SAML Single Sign-on with Azure or ADFS.

Operation & Security

Secure processing of your data

Professional hosting

Hosting in one of Sweden's most modern data centers

Power & backup

Redundant power supplies, battery backup and diesel backup generator

Redundant internet connections

Double, independent fiber connections via the Swedish backbone

Climate friendly cooling system

Passive cooling system with minimal climate impact

Automatic backups

Separate off-site backups to two locations every day


Connection requests and activities are monitored

Encrypted data transfers

Traffic is encrypted with TLS 1.2+

Support & Updates

World-class customer service and free updates

Customer-oriented user support

World-class customer service and support

Incident and error reporting 24/7

Incidents and errors can be reported to our helpdesk 24/7.

Continous updates

You are always using the latest version

User training

Customized and open courses through MultiNet Academy

System requirements

Platform-independent web apps


Genuine web apps. Platform-independent. All you need is a modern web browser

Internet connection

Minimum 5 Mbit/s, broadband is recommended.

Modern web browser

Works in all major browsers. Please keep your browser updated.

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