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Get started with your new contract management system

It is easy to manage your contracts in DealManager

1. Summarize your current contract situation

  • Do you keep your contracts in binders? Are they scanned?
  • Is contract metadata stored digitally (e.g. Excel)?
  • Which coworkers are responsible for managing the contracts?

2. Managing your contracts in the future

  • Appoint contract owners and roles
  • Appoint access by department or user
  • Make better use of frame agreements

3. Set the necessary goals and get started

  • Increase transparancy and create room for negotiations
  • Never miss a cancellation or to renegotiate
  • Minimize risk and keep all contracts at the same place

Just start with uploading all new contracts

It's quick and straightforward! You can search, analyze, and export from the user-friendly interface on the same day. You will be surprised by how easy it is to work in your new contract management system.

The difference that makes the difference!

Excel is great. But for contract management, there is something better! Read the blog post

Swipe to see the difference!
Swipe to see the difference!

We will help you succeed ...

...and take you to over the finish line with your new system

Our Customer Success Managers will answer all your questions and share our best practices so that your business can reach new levels

Martin Andersson

Customer Success Manager

Kevin Albertsson

Customer Success Manager

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