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Getting started with EduAdmin

EduAdmin makes your education administration efficient and helps you focus on your core business

1. Summarize your current workflow

  • What tasks takes the most time? Other systems? Excel?
  • Are confirmation emails sent manually, by email or by post?
  • How many hours do you spend compiling statistics?

2. How do you really want to work?

  • Who will be responsible and what tasks can your instructors do?
  • When you get more time, how do you find new customers?
  • Do you want to get rid of manual work and invoices by hand?

3. Your new goals with EduAdmin

  • Automate your business with smart tools
  • Never miss a task with checklists and automatic routines
  • Identify what sells the best and which courses are the most profitable

We'll give you a flying start

It's easy to get started, and we make sure you become a real course management expert. When ordering EduAdmin, you will receive personal assistance to get the most out of your new system. With the help of ready-made templates, startup is quick and within a few weeks of ordering, you can easily "turn the key" into your new course management system.

The difference that makes the difference!

A complete course management system lets you lean back and focus on the important thing - Your business!

Swipe to see the difference
Swipe to see the difference

We will help you succeed ...

...and take you to over the finish line with your new system

Our Customer Success Managers will answer all your questions and share our best practices so that your business can reach new levels

Martin Andersson

Customer Success Manager

Kevin Albertsson

Customer Success Manager

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