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Briljant Accounting system

For those of you who use Briljant Accounting system, you can easily simplify management by transferring customers and invoices from EduAdmin to Briljant in a standardized way.

About Briljant

Briljant is a complete accounting system developed by Swedish economists. It is adapted to companies and organizations that require high reliability and order in their financial system.

In the system, there is great flexibility with the possibility of adaptation to different industries and needs.

The program runs in a Windows environment or via the Internet, for example in our ASP solution.

Briljant has a licensing system where users only pay for the functions used and for the volumes processed, no investment in software is needed.

With its logical structure and total integration, the system is easy to work with. All documents only need to be handled once. Regardless of which function you need to work with, it is only a button press away. It helps to make accounting work rational and time-saving.

This is how the integration works

Directly in your EduAdmin system, you can create files according to Briljants standard format for transferring customers and invoices.