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Docebo for EduAdmin

Connect EduAdmin to Docebo LXP and automate the management of participants in your digital courses and learning activities.
EduAdmin automatically transfers students who register for courses synced with Docebo.

With EduAdmin and Docebo, you get a complete overall solution, from course administration and invoicing to implementation of various types
digital learning activities in the market's leading Learning Experience Platform.

About Docebo LXP / TicTac Interactive

Docebo is an LXP (Learning Experience Platform) that gives you the ability to collect, organize and distribute courses, track user activities and measure results with analytical tools.

In Sweden, Docebo is provided by TicTac Interactive AB, which is the Nordic region's leading player in EdTech. With over 1 million users, TicTac provides its customers with knowledge solutions that make companies, organizations and people grow. TicTac develops platforms and services for the global market.

This is how the integration works

Courses in EduAdmin are synchronized with activities in Docebo
EduAdmin automatically transfers participants (students) to Docebo, which gives them further access to the content
EduAdmin and Docebo sync activity status, e.g. present / completed and approved / completed.