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Drupal – by Mild Media

Make it easy for your customers to book courses on your website by integrating EduAdmin with Drupal CMS.

  • Course texts and dates in EduAdmin can be updated automatically on your website created in Drupal.
  • You increase profitability and get a digital course catalog that is indexed by e.g. Google.
  • Your customer gets a seamless user experience, which leads to more people booking your courses.

About Drupal - by Mild Media

Custom integrations with Drupal which is a very popular and established content management system suitable for large websites with multiple administrators.

This is how the integration works

The digital agency Mild Media develops and adapts your integration for EduAdmin and Drupal.
You get advantages such as a digital course catalog in your website, customers can read about your courses and choose dates and then book directly.

With your completely seamless integration between EduAdmin and Drupal, you create an efficient flow and give your visitors a fantastic user experience.