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Lega Online

For those of you who arrange training courses and have your own training premises, there is now an integration between EduAdmin and the Lega Online booking system.
The integration makes you even more efficient and you get the best of both worlds.

About Lega Online booking system

Lega Online is a web-based booking system adapted for conference facilities and course farms. The system has powerful functions for price calculation of rents, booking calendars, interfaces for kitchens and janitorial services as well as several exciting solutions to show what is happening in the premises, e.g. entrance screens and room tiles with touch and LED strips that indicate whether the room is occupied or free.

This is how the integration works

When you plan your courses in EduAdmin, with a few keystrokes you can see if there is a room available in the room booking system and connect the room to your course.

As soon as the venue is linked to the course, booking details, information on the number of participants, lunch and coffee orders, etc. are synchronized. If the course has to be cancelled, the venue is cancelled.
It doesn't get any simpler than this!