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Getting started with LegaOnline

Lega Online helps you streamline your workflows, so you can focus on your business

1. Summarize your booking situation

  • Excel, Outlook, or the booking binder?
  • What happens when a reservation changes?
  • How do you handle billing? Manual steps at risk of failure?

2. Let us evolve your workflow

  • We configure your Lega Online with all our experience
  • Possibility to let your customers book online
  • Automatic invoice flow

3. Your new goals with Lega Online

  • Now you finally have the overview you need
  • Never miss last-minute changes, special diets or billing
  • All staff have access to the bookings no matter where they are

Book a spot for a demo

It's fast and easy! After a 30-60 minute conference call, you understand how Lega Online can revolutionize your booking business. You will be surprised at how easy it is to work in your new booking system.

The difference that makes the difference!

Excel is very powerful, but for your booking business there is something better!

Swipe to see the difference
Swipe to see the difference

We will help you succeed ...

...and take you to over the finish line with your new system

Our Customer Success Managers will answer all your questions and share our best practices so that your business can reach new levels.

Martin Andersson

Customer Success Manager

Kevin Albertsson

Customer Success Manager