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Brandfarliga Arbeten

Connect your EduAdmin to Brandfarliga Arbeten and take part in Svebra's fully digitized education concept, from registration to digital tests directly on your mobile

About Brandfarliga Arbeten

Brandfarliga Arbeten is a new and modern training for everyone who works with parts where there is a risk of a fire. The training meets the insurance companies' requirements.

All work that in any way causes heating, for example welding, soldering, drying, must be carried out in a fire-safe manner. Those who carry out temporary work with a risk of fire must undergo training to obtain the required permit.

The Brandfarliga Arbeten training provides a valid certificate according to the insurance companies' conditions. Our training is also adapted to conditions in various industries. Those who attend the training with one of our organizers gain an understanding of risk situations in their particular workplace and can directly apply the knowledge in their work.

This is how the integration works

Your EduAdmin is automatically synchronized with Brandfarliga Arbeten's main system, which means that everything from course information to routines and flows is always updated according to the latest standard from Svebra.

When you schedule the Brandfarliga Arbeten course, regardless of whether it is an open, company-adapted or digital course, the entire flow from registration to the issuance of digital competency certificates is handled by EduAdmin according to the Brandfarliga Arbeten training plan.

Participants who have completed Brandfarliga Arbeten with a passing grade after completing the exam are automatically transferred to the Brandfarliga Arbeten skills database and ID06.