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Canvas LMS

Connect your EduAdmin course administration system with the Canvas LMS learning platform to offer flexible, measurable and collaborative learning.

About Canvas LMS

Canvas LMS, which is developed by the company Instructure, is a web-based learning platform - so-called LMS system, which is primarily used so that teachers save time and students achieve their potential.

Canvas is an open platform that is flexible and can be integrated with e.g. Office 365, Google, Vimeo and Youtube.

Canvas is adapted for mobile devices and makes teaching easier by reducing unnecessary duplication of work, streamlining assessment and feedback, and simplifying communication between teacher and student and students among themselves.

This is how the integration works

You easily pair your EduAdmin with Canvas LMS with your user details.

In EduAdmin, you can then easily mark on your course templates which courses they correspond to in your Canvas LMS.

When participants book into a course via EduAdmin and your website, they are automatically transferred to Canvas.