In today's business world, effective time and space management are crucial for achieving organizational efficiency. With the right approach to conference room booking, companies can improve productivity, reduce expenses, and enhance collaboration. 

A powerful booking system, like Lega Online, can maintain a detailed and accurate history of your customers past bookings, interactions, and invoices. 

With an intelligent booking system, it's easier to offer personalized services to your B2B clients. To view their booking history, receive automated reminders or notifications, and adjust their bookings according to their needs. This enhances the customer experience massively.

Managing corporate meeting and conference rooms efficiently is a significant part of organizational success. With the right practices, you can streamline scheduling, enhance productivity, and eliminate booking conflicts. Using modern digital tools like Lega Online’s Meeting and Conference Room Booking System can revolutionize the way you manage shared spaces. 

Here are some best practices you can adopt, sparked by the efficiencies of a powerful Conference Room Booking System.

Meeting room availability

The logistics of managing meeting and conference room bookings manually can often be taxing and error-prone. Having full control over room availability using a powerful booking system like Lega Online is important for to get greater efficiency, enhanced visibility and transparency and cost and time effectiveness.

Know the room capacity

Ensure you are aware of the different capacities of your meeting rooms. Lega Online displays this information, helping you choose the correct room size for your meeting.

Tablets outside the conference room 

Implement the use of Lega Online tablets outside your meeting rooms.

Ideally placed outside the meeting room, this powerful tool provides information about the room, including its current availability.

Users can conveniently make immediate bookings using this tablet, ensuring seamless room reservation without the back-and-forth.

Invoicing and integration with your financial system

Manual invoicing leaves room for human errors - a miscalculation, a missed entry, or an incorrect data recording can lead to significant issues. Automated invoicing tools reduce these risks, increasing the accuracy of your financial records. This enhanced accuracy also means that businesses can keep track of their financial transactions more effectively.

Immediately when a booking is made in Lega Online an invoice is created. Customer details are included and the price with VAT rate, discount, etc. is calculated automatically. Invoicing with Lega Online is very easy.

To save as much time as possible, Lega Online have integrations with the most popular financial systems on the market. There are also customized solutions that use Lega Online Financial API.

Resource management

Ensure meeting rooms are well-equipped with all the necessary resources, such as screen solutions and whiteboards. Lega Online keeps track of these assets, improving your service to your customers.

Make sure to manage necessary resources such as projectors, laptops, and hybrid meeting equipment. Using a modern and powerful Conference Room Booking Systems ensures these resources are reserved and prepared for your meeting.

Automate administrative tasks

By reducing manual handling, it frees up administrative time and removes any risk of missing tasks to be done before and after your booking.

Make sure you order all refreshments and arrange technology in the room well in advance of your conference.

Recurring meetings solution

You can schedule recurring meetings in Lega Online, avoiding the hassle of booking a room every time. Booking systems saves you valuable time and minimizes the risk of booking errors.

Lega Online lets you schedule routine meetings with ahead of time, eliminating the need for regular setup and creating a more efficient booking experience.

Plan in advance

Planning ahead is a future-proof practice. Using a powerful Conference Room Booking Systems allows you to make reservations well before the date of the meeting, ensuring room availability and reducing last-minute rushes.

Reporting and analytics

Use statistical tools to compile data, such as room usage and occupancy, to improve space management decisions.

Utilize the reporting and analytics feature of Lega Online to inform decisions about room usage. Understanding which spaces are underutilized can help you manage your spaces more effectively.

Integration capabilities

Take advantage of the benefits of using an API that seamlessly integrates with other systems within your organization. If there is no existing integration yet, you can use the Lega Online API to build one either independently or with the help of development partners, ensuring cost efficiency. 


Efficient booking of meeting and conference rooms reflects your organization’s professionalism and respect for time. Adopt these best practices powered by the Lega Online Booking System to revolutionize your conference room management, ensuring a seamless, productive, and organized booking experience.