"Simple, structured and incredibly powerful booking system!"

South of Stockholm, in Botkyrka municipality, you will find the creative cluster Subtopia. Here, artists, film producers, circus companies, non-profit organizations and other creators work to make their dreams come true and make the world a little better. Subtopia also operates the "multi arena" Hangaren Subtopia. The hangar is everything from a stage for contemporary circus and a studio for film and television recordings, to an exhibition hall, concert arena and conference room.

We became more efficient with the Lega Online booking system and Visma. With Lega Online, the entire booking process is handled quickly and easily. Since the system is completely web-based, we can access it from anywhere and the calendar views make work easy and give us an excellent overview.

- When we had to choose a new booking system, the simplicity was a big advantage of Lega Online. In addition, there is a well-proven connection to our financial system Visma Administration. With the Visma connection, we have completely rationalized away an unnecessary work step of creating invoices and documents, says Kerstin Fagervall.

"Managing premises and equipment bookings has never been this smooth."
Kerstin Fagervall, Subtopia

Kerstin Fagervall